What makes a good pair of sports glasses?

As soon as winter comes to an end, the bikes, inline skates, SUPs and hiking boots are unpacked. What must not be missing from the outdoor equipment is the right sports sunglasses. suitable sports glasses. Not only does it protect us from dangerous UV rays, it also ensures that we have a clear view during fast-paced rides in irritating wind and weather conditions. We have summarised for you briefly what is important for a good sports sunglasses and what you should look out for.

Why is UV 400 protection so important?

Sports glasses should primarily protect against dangerous rays, of course. A 100% UV protection prevents eye damage and improves the vision of the athlete. When buying sports sunglasses, you should therefore make sure that they filter ultraviolet radiation up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres. Look out for the indications UV400 protection or 100% UV protection.

What does photochromic or self-tinting mean?

If you're looking for a new pair of sports glasses, you 're bound to come across photochromic, or also called self-tinting . The lenses of photochromic sports glasses adapt to the light conditions and UV rays . They can darken or lighten on their own. Self-tinting lenses are about 30% more expensive than normal glasses on the eyewear market. A practical alternative to photochromic lenses are sports glasses with interchangeable lenses. The lenses can be exchanged within a few seconds.

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Are there sports glasses with prescription?

For outdoor athletes with optical glasses, there are also various options for the perfect view. In addition to contact lenses, insert clips are also offered for certain sports glasses. The optical inserts are a good alternative for all athletes who do not want to wear contact lenses. The optician can then adjust the insert clip to the individual prescription. If optical inserts and contact lenses are not an option for you, then there is another option. You can also talk to your optician about sports glasses with prescription.

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Are polarized lenses better?

Nowadays, some sports glasses are also equipped with polarized lenses. However, very few people know what polarization actually means. We have summarized everything about polarized lenses, as well as advantages and disadvantages. On our blog you can read more about it.  

Firm fit even during sweaty activities

Besides protecting the eyes, sports glasses also have to be comfortable to wear. Whether for leisurely runs at the weekend or long rides on the bike: sports sunglasses have to fit perfectly with every movement. This is ensured above all by rubberised ends of the temples or an individually adjustable nose piece. For some sunglasses there are additional straps. This ensures a perfect fit even during sweaty activities.

Modern and lightweight material

Another requirement for a good pair of sports glasses is the weight. The glasses should be as light as possible. This ensures a pleasant wearing comfort even during long training sessions. Our RUSH Halfframe consists of the modern TR-90 material and is with 25 grams a flyweight. The sports glasses also meet the highest demands of endurance athletes.

Do you have any questions?

You still have questions about buying your new sports glasses? We would be happy to help you. Simply write to us at support@nakedoptics.net


Photos: Florian Dorn