What happens to my return?

Dear NAKED Community, we need to talk...
What a crass winter it was !!! This season has definitely presented us all with new challenges. Together we made the best of it and experienced unforgettable days on the slopes. Nice slopes, sick jumps, unique goggles, GOOD VIBES!

However, not everything has gone as well this winter as the ski days on the slopes. Especially when checking some returns, we became aware of a very specific problem: Used goggles and scratched lenses.   

What do I do if the ski goggles don't fit?

As the saying goes: If it fits, it fits! And if it doesn't fit, then... well, of course you can send the ski goggles back. After all, the winter accessory must not only look good, but also fit well. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some ski goggles have already been used and then returned. This should not be the case, of course, and is especially detrimental to small businesses, as the products have to be disposed of.

What happens to my return?

Even if you buy certain brand products from another supplier or marketplace, the costs of the returns fall back on the brand. The returns are collected and put aside for the time being. After the season, all the packages are checked and the products sorted out. Of course, this means a lot of work, especially for small traders and especially if there are already used products.

Why is Amazon an attractive marketplace?

Who knows the following situation? You are looking for a new product and want to order it as quickly and cheaply as possible. The first way leads to Amazon. Good prices and countless customer reviews are very tempting, aren't they? Some people will certainly recognise themselves in this situation. Amazon is not only an attractive marketplace for consumers. Amazon is also an important platform for small and young companies to sell products. The channel makes it possible to address new target groups and reach more consumers. We are also happy to distribute a selection of our sports glasses and ski goggles on different marketplaces, even if it inevitably means more work and effort, as in the handling of returns.

We welcome your feedback

Nevertheless, the positive impressions of the winter season remain in our memories! Do you have any wishes, suggestions, complaints or something you would like to share with us? Then write to us at support@nakedoptics.net. We are looking forward to your feedback! Stay tuned!


Credits: Photo by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash