Besides the right sports glasses, sportswear is also very important for your outdoor activities.

      To complete your unique NAKED Optics style, you can take home our Merino thermal underwear . Not only will it protect you from the cold, but it's also breathable and dries quickly.

      The ski underwear, the leather glove, merino beanies and ski socks (with a high percentage of merino wool) are the perfect companions in winter.

      Our NAKED Optics tube scarf protects you from the cold as a mouth and nose protector in the cold season. The multifunctional scarf can be worn as a face shield and neck scarf as well as a headband.

      10 products

      10 products

      T-Shirt Skiing Girl
      24,99 €
      Tube scarf (bandana)
      6,99 €
      T-shirt Basic
      19,99 €
      Beanie Merino
      19,99 €
      Glove Cruzer Solo (leather)
      64,99 €
      Cap Snapback
      From €19.99
      Ski socks Merino
      24,99 €
      Merino thermal underwear men
      74,99 €
      Thermal underwear ladies
      39,99 €
      Thermal underwear men
      39,99 €

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