About us

Do you know the stupid feeling when your new € 200 glasses have a scratch after only the second day of skiing? We knew it all too well. And that's exactly why one evening we had the idea to change something about it. What exactly you can find out here: 




Every year, everything seems to get more expensive. From the lift ticket, to the clothes, fast powder slats and above all good ski goggles. Because we liked to skip lectures for powder days (who doesn't?) and accumulated a good number of ski days per year, we sometimes broke several pairs of ski goggles per season and had to finance them from our already strained student budget - a very painful undertaking.

This made our love of freeriding difficult and we decided to get to the bottom of it. After a lot of research and discussions with experts, we realised that the many detours in the trade, as well as traditional marketing by large companies, make products artificially expensive. We saw the potential to "streamline" the distribution channel and thereby shake up the market for ski goggles. 



After a long time of weighing up the risks and possibilities, we decided in 2013 to implement our own design and quality ideas for eyewear and start our own company. The first test models had to survive a whole season with several state-certified ski instructors (Philipp is also one himself), before the first order was placed in the summer of 2014 and the delivery arrived about 2 months later in our shared apartment.

As a real "garage startup", glasses were stored in the room and basement of the shared flat and advertised and sold with a galactically slim marketing budget via our first online shop. The daily walk to the post office before lectures was a pleasure for us all winter long. In the meantime, we count several thousand satisfied customers and are proud of our small but fine NAKED Family, who together with us capture and share the most beautiful moments on the mountain.

Now you are probably asking yourself: "Why NAKED? We'd rather let your own imagination run wild and just add: "Good things happen when you are NAKED."